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  • What are the next important dates for the challenge?
    September 4: end of registrations September 11: deposit of tickets and tickets requested in your company 14-15 September: online information session September 18: start of the challenge September 29: end of the challenge
  • How to change the app language?
    To change the language of the application, go to your profile (top left) then go to the settings (top right) to select the language of your choice. You will then need to close and then restart the application.
  • What are the missions to be fulfilled?
    The challenge is an opportunity to test different services and modes of transport for free: - public transport -train - shared cars - shared bicycles and scooters - walking - ... In parallel, training activities, workshops and quizzes are also offered.
  • How to validate the steps of a challenge?
    Mobility missions are offered in the challenge section. In order to validate the mission, you will have to fill out a short form and provide us with proof that you have successfully completed this mission: Photo of you on public transport Screenshot of a journey made with a shared mobility service Points are awarded automatically but may be withdrawn if the evidence is not deemed convincing
  • I can't find the challenge in my language
    The challenge is available in FR, NL and EN. In the challenge section, click on "all categories" and then select the language of your choice.
  • How will I be able to retrieve my tickets and subscriptions?
    To be completed
  • When can we reserve a bike?
    People who have indicated that they want to test a bike will receive a message from August 15 to reserve a bike. Warning! Given the large number of requests, it is unfortunately not possible to offer a test to everyone.So be responsive when you receive this message.
  • Where are my discount codes to use shared mobility?
    Most discount codes will be available in the app closer to the start of the challenge. They will also be provided to you along with your tickets and subscriptions
  • How are points calculated?
    Points are calculated based on the activities you complete: 50 points: take a quiz 100 points: complete a mobility mission 100 points: participate in an activity You can find the details of the points calculation in the "rewards" section of the application
  • What are the expected rewards?
    As you collect points, you reach levels which then give you access to gifts of greater value. These are vouchers that you can use in major brands such as FNAC, Decathlon...the amount of which can go up to €75!
  • How do I convert my points into rewards?
    At the end of the challenge, we send you a form to choose which voucher you want to receive. The voucher will then be emailed to you.
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